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Call for Posters

The call for posters is closed. From over 40 submissions the review board has selected 19 posters for a presentation.

Please upload the posters using the myReview-system and the access code that has been provided. Posters will then be printed by the TU. Please use the layout definition as prepared in the following zip file including an indesign template, a pdf-version of this template and the logos used in the indesign file:

>>>  Poster

The final version must be submitted in pdf-format by September 15th.

The conference will include a poster exhibition on "Visions for tomorrow's schools". Participants wishing to submit posters are invited to complete a short submission form on their project, which can be conceptual, a case study or in free format. Submission forms can be downloaded from the web site. The deadline for poster proposals is 9 JULY 2010.

Who should submit posters?
City planners, school architects and educators with an interest in sharing their visions of educational spaces.

Submission process
The submission forms can be downloaded here:
Case Study
Conceptual Project
Free Format

To upload your submission, please use the following link Online Upload
Please upload either a pdf or a zip-File of your submission and fill out the submission form (including a short abstract describing your project, appr. 150 words).
To change your submission until July 9th, use the following link: Change Submitted Files

For further information please contact

The reviewboard for the poster session consists of:
* Hannah von Ahlefeld (Analyst, OECD/CELE)
* Alastair Blyth (Analyst, OECD/CELE)
* Kenn Fisher (Director, Learning Futures, Rubida Research, and Associate Professor, Learning Environments, Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning, University of Melbourne, Australia)
* Christian Kühn (Professor, Institute for Architecture and Design, Department of Building Sciences, Technical University of Vienna)
* Eunah Park (Consultant, OECD)
* Tony Sheppard (Chair, OECD/CELE and Technical Manager, Planning & Building Unit, Department of Education and Science, Ireland)

* City level: Networks of learning, integration into the urban or natural environment.
* School level: Flexible space usage and layout.
* Classroom level: Supports teaching and learning activities.
* Outside of classrooms: In/outdoor learning spaces (e.g. cafeteria, auditorium, school grounds).

* Innovative design: Aspires to satisfy future needs and expectations.
* High technology: Provides appropriate technologies for future learners.
* Cost efficiency: Employs cost-efficient procurement strategies, e.g. low-cost construction.
* Eco-friendly: Demonstrates energy saving, sustainable usage and respect for the environment.

Successful applicants will be notified by 30 JULY 2010.
Applicants will then be requested to prepare their posters in A1 format using an In-Design layout template.

For further questions, please contact:
Eunah Park,