Healthcare Center – Learning from Denmark

Throughout history, the idea of health has been determined by notions of body and mind together with developments in politics, economics, and culture. At the same time, innovations in medical treatments and advancements in technology directly influenced the healthcare facilities. However, the significant shift from cure to care proved essential in today´s leading healthcare projects to contribute to better psychological and emotional states of patients and staff while creating outstanding contemporary architecture.

Healthcare Center – Learning from Denmark examines past, existing, and emerging forms of healthcare architectures and seeks to build the resulting insights to develop visions for new typologies and programs.

Healthcare is one of the leading design research fields explored at the Architectural Typology and Design research unit at the Institute of Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. This second publication in the series reflects on broader questions on the relationship between healthcare architecture and the heightened sensitivity of a vulnerable human being.

Responding to the current critical social and environmental needs, the publication series brings together a set of research and response focuses, both real and imaginative – Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Production and more – to actively challenge the role of the architectural profession as a whole to help elevate current realities.

Edited by Prof. Tina Gregoric & Evelyn Temmel 

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