International collaboration: AA nanotourism Visiting School, Sekirn, Wörthersee 2021

International collaboration:
AA nanotourism Visiting School
Sekirn, Wörthersee 2021

Architectural Association School of Architecture, London
in collaboration with TU Wien

31. August – 15. September 2021 ● Wiener Sängerknaben Areal
Helmut-Horten-Straße 11, 9081 ● Sekirn, Carinthia, Austria

The course was an international collaboration between the AA nanotourism Visiting School, Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London, UK; the Research Unit for Architectural Typology, Institute of Architecture and Design, TU Vienna, Austria and architektur in progress, Vienna, Austria,

Over two weeks, students designed and built a series of three architectural interventions to address and critique the hyper-privatised nature of Austria’s Lake Wörthersee.

Wörthersee has 83% of its shoreline inaccessible to the public. At the same time, located on the lake’s south shore, the Vienna Boys’ Choir Summer Residence is an underused property and one of the last remaining places with an opportunity to open up for the people.

The course critically addressed the lake’s wild privatisation and the current unawareness of the cultural presence of the Vienna Boys’ Choir in the local community

The three interconnected interventions: ‘Exchange Fence’, ‘Stare!’ and ‘Sound Cannon’, offer tools for a new cultural exchange between the Boys’ Choir community and the local general public, capable of addressing the future transformation of the Vienna Boys Choir Campus into an all-year-round cultural venue.

More information on the programme and projects: