Lecture Leopold Banchini



Tears in the Club
Leopold Banchini Architects

Leopold Banchini Architects aims to develop an eclectic and non-dogmatic architecture celebrating simplicity, economy and sustainability. We see architecture as a tool to support unexpected and diverse ways of living together and refuse to use buildings as representations of power, wealth or cultural superiority. We value the poetry of construction over composition and admire direct answers to unique sites and contexts. We look for humble aesthetics based on the veracity
of expression against preconceived functionalism.
We use creativity to encourage alternative models to commercial methods of production and expand the traditional definitions of project making using DIY cultures as means of emancipation. We challenge established relations of knowledge supremacies and admire the beauty of neo-vernacular buildings and popular intelligence. We see the origins of architectural elements beyond borders and historical periods.
We place political and environmental considerations at the very heart of our practice and address architecture as a form of social action.