Re-thinking Tourism 01

Symposium ‚Re-thinking Tourism 01‘

October 16th 2014, 15.00 – 19.00

TU Vienna, HS 18 Czuber

In the winter term 2014 / 15 the Department of Building Theory and Design at the Institute of Architecture and Design is going to search for possibilities of a new interpretation of selected issues within the dynamics of tourism.

The symposium will open up a theme of tourism as continuously growing reality that reshapes our everyday life. A wide range of topics should be discussing the current environmental, social and economic downsides of conventional tourism, challenging the definition of tourism and ultimately searching for a diverse set of specific bottom-up or even participative alternatives.

In the context of the symposium six lecturers will talk about their theoretical or practical engagement with the key issue and discuss their positions.


15.00    Introduction Tina Gregoric 

15.10    Vienna Design Week

            Lilli Hollein, director and founder of

            VIENNA DESIGN WEEK          

15.35    Appunti Manufatti

            Daniele Lupo, Angelika Burtscher,

             Studio Lupo & Burtscher          

16.00    Nanotourism

            Aljosa Dekleva, dekleva gregoric


16.25    Discussion

            Moderator Elke Krasny, TU Wien

17.15    Million Donkey Hotel

            Michael Obrist, feld72

17.40    Tourismus: Image / Fakten /


            Michael Mair, FH Wien

18.05    Tirol und die Welt – oder umgekehrt?

            Wolfgang Pöschl, tatanka

18.30    Discussion

            Moderator Elke Krasny, TU Wien