Wechseljahre – Gastvortrag Juliane Greb


Daniel Bell, Atelier Luma
Charly Blödel & Estelle Jullian, Materialscapes

Moderation by Tina Gregoric & Thomas Amann 
Wed, 6.12.2023, 18:00 – Hörsaal 17, TU Wien, Karlsplatz 13

The aim of the lectures and discussion is to identify and promote radical alternatives to the current range of building materials that are being produced, transported, and used in construction processes worldwide. By closely examining local resources, industrial and agricultural by-products, and waste streams, the objective is to establish sustainable and circular processes that reconnect existing materials and knowledge. As architects and designers, we will ask ourselves: What is our role in these processes? What tools and collaborative methods do we need? How can we collectively contribute to a cultural shift?

Atelier LUMA, based in Arles, France, and the Institute of Architectural Design at TU Wien in Austria are both members of the European Architecture Platform LINA. The platform aims to mobilize the architectural sector towards regenerative practices that implement principles of de-growth. This is to support the New European Bauhaus and shift from new construction to adaptive reuse, renovation, and strengthening of initiatives for more sustainable construction. LINA aims to link transdisciplinary efforts to tackle climate and environmental-related challenges in a geographically widespread European program for emerging professionals in architecture and related fields. Charly Blödel and Estelle Jullian have been LINA fellows at TU Wien in 2022/23. They have, together with Thomas Amann, developed and led a research-based, experimental 1:1 design studio called „Material Library“ in Sekirn, Carinthia.

The event is organised as part of the course Critical Architectural Practice within Modul Gebäudelehre, led by Prof. Tina Gregoric and Thomas Amann.

About the speakers:

Daniel Bell (IE) is an architect and works on various projects within Atelier LUMA, which conducts research around questions related to architecture and materiality. He was leading a project within Atelier LUMA, in collaboration with BC and Assemble, to renovate Le Magasin Électrique using experimental and innovative practices integrating local materials and regional crafts. Before joining Atelier LUMA, Daniel Bell practiced as an architect in the United Kingdom, Ireland and France. He began his architectural studies in Belfast before completing his training at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow.

Charly Blödel (DE) is an interdisciplinary designer, currently based in Rotterdam. In her practice, she focuses on the social and ecological implications of spatial practice and production systems, with a particular focus on waste and material culture in the context of the climate crisis. Having previously worked between communication strategies and exhibition design in the cultural field, she now develops spatial and graphic media that support the workshop and performative formats of her work. She currently teaches at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam and works as a programme and exhibition producer for Het Nieuwe Instituut, the National Museum for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture in Rotterdam (NL).

Estelle Jullian (FR) is an architect, artist and coordinator of cultural projects based in Valencia (SP). Her practice approaches different fields such as architecture, art, ecology and participation. She is interested in the development processes of inclusive tools that can be carried out in workshops, exhibitions, community and educational projects or spatial interventions, where space is understood from a social and cultural perspective. This interest in critical spatial practices, contemporary artistic practices and environmental issues also leads her to investigate the urban and rural space where the material is the point of union with the different scales of reflection.