Workshop Impressions

20.09.2010 - 21.09.2010


Workshop 01 - Breaking Down the Walls

Richard Leonard

The standard, instructional model of teaching is often associated with the standardised box-like classroom. Breaking down physical walls is considered as a way to break... more info

Workshop 02 - Thinking Green

Irene Prieler, Michael Wildmann

Sustainability has become a global issue. To cope with the needs and demands of a sustainable world, designers will have to combine the mentality of gardeners with the... more info

Workshop 03 - Micro Environments

Robert Temel

The metaphors underpinning the industrial era were efficiency, uniformity and meeting standard specifications. The school buildings of the industrial era with their identical ... more info

Workshop 04 - Building for Change

Thomas Zinterl

The school is an essential component of a diverse and complex knowledge economy, and it must respond to its changing needs and demands. But how can a school... more info

Workshop 05 - Community Connection

Peter Zoderer, Erik Meinharter

The ideal of the school as a vibrant multi-functional centre of social life has been around for decades. But does this idea of the "centre" actually reflect the needs of the... more info

Workshop 06 - Designing (for) Diversity

Gabu Heindl

As we are witnessing a progressive segmentation of society, the school as an institution is without doubt one of the major agents in this process. Its potential... more info

Workshop 07 - Outdoor Learning

Karin Schwarz, Alice Größinger

"Outdoor education" broadly refers to a range of organised activities which take place in a variety of ways in predominantly outdoor environments. Although... more info

Workshop 08 - Burning Down the School

Rupert Siller

Although natural disasters such as fire and flood are universal threats, the reactions of educators and legislators differ considerably from country to country... more info

Workshop 09 - Value for Money

Ian Hawkesworth

In many countries, the public sector is experiencing massive budget cuts. Competition for resources is becoming stronger, and even if education is less affected, its... more info

Workshop 10 - Expanding Virtually

David Istance, Jörg Hofstätter

We have been waiting for the virtual world to transform education for more than a decade. In reality, in most schools computers and digital white boards ... more info