Welcome Adresses

Adalbert Prechtl, Helmut Moser, Bernard Hugonnier

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Christian Kühn

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Panel 1 - Radical Visions

David Istance, Alastair Blyth, Charles Fadel, Valerie Hannon, John Worthington

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Exploring Concepts 1

Martin Culkin, Richard Leonard, Julia Atkin

The story of the development of Dandenong High School is one of a multidimensional, multilayered process that brought together three separate high schools with different cultures,...
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Exploring Concepts 2

Jens Guldbaek, Hanna Bohn-Vinkel

A holistic approach to school reform can lead to significant transformation in practice. As societies evolve and conventions about children and learning are questioned...
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Exploring Concepts 3

Eunah Park

Over many decades, educators and researchers have been envisioning and discussing the effect of technologies on the future of education...
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Exploring Concepts 4

Reto Ammann

SBW House of Learning advocates an individualised, child-centred approach to learning. Teaching is highly individualised: lessons are designed to...
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Exploring Concepts 5

Katie Salen

In 2006, the MacArthur Foundation turned their attention to the design of 21st century learning environments that would respond both to the needs of kids...
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Exploring Concepts 6

Odd Eiken

Kunskapsskolan is a private company developing and operating schools according to a comprehensive educational programme: the KED programme was introduced...
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Panel 2 - Financing Change

Laura Cameron, Ian Hawkesworth, John Worthington

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Panel 3 - Making Visionary Design Work

Sam Cassels, Ian Yorston, Konrad Osterwalder, Frauke Burgdorff, John Worthington

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