Julian Lichtmannegger
Lennon Lee Hartmann
Richard Telegdy
Typologie ● Mixed-use
Lehrveranstaltung ● Hardware/Software
Lehrende ●
Artem Kitaev
Jahr ● 2022

„The Seybelgasse 16 in Vienna, finds itself in limbo and under threat of destruction due to a new zoning plan. This Yellow Brick Road is a set of interventions along a new route through existing structures and aims to create an interim use in the form of a community center. A place for fusing different functions, lifestyles and people together. It is a space of contradictions – yet not nullifying but enriching it with diversity.

The main intervention creates a menu of spacial conditions overlaying functions with the existing built structures.

Thus creating environments for different activities all throughout the plot, depending on the day, week or season. The use of constructional scaffolding underlines the temporary state of this project, merging different contrasting environmental conditions, functions and people.