Anna Romanova
Jonas Ramoser
Typologie ● Mixed-use
Lehrveranstaltung ● Tøyen Concrete – Ex Munch Museum Oslo
Lehrende ●
Eva Mair, Katherina Putzer
Jahr ● 2022

The project “Tøyen House for Children” aims to strengthen the qualities of the former Munch Museum and introduces a world for children into the building, with spaces for exhibitions, for explorations and movement. The transformation of the existing building shows a specific reading of its typology and its urban setting: The prominent axis, which leads from Tøyen Torg along the housing blocks to the south of the building, matches with the former canopy at the north side, that marked the original entrance and extended into the Tøyen Park. The project embraces this axis and makes it to the guideline of the design: It becomes a central promenade that connects the building with the neighbourhood on both sides as well as its different volumes, levels and programs within the structure. The building becomes a journey for discovery and adventure for both children and adults.