Florian Haring
Josef Schmidhuber
Typologie ● Mixed-use
Lehrveranstaltung ● Odd Lots: Vienna/Barcelona
Lehrende ●
Evelyn Temmel, Katharina Urbanek, Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2023

Located in the heart of Poble Sec, Barcelona, the Torre del Barri project emerged from unexpected challenges and a deep understanding of the neighborhood’s needs. This architectural endeavor addresses the housing crisis faced by the district, especially among the elderly, and seeks to bridge generational divides.

Our strategies include creating cluster living spaces to foster community organization, repurposing a former child daycare center, and expanding the ground floor into a new public area connected to Plaça del Setge de 1714.

This transformed space serves as a garden, event venue, and peaceful retreat, with a central pavilion providing shade.

The ground floor houses a public kitchen adaptable to various program needs, from children’s meals in the morning to an evening bar. Ultimately, the 4 Torre del Barri project aims to forge a new identity and serve as an intergenerational hub, shaped by and for the people of Poble Sec.