Fábián Villányi
Typologie ● Mixed-use
Lehrveranstaltung ● Diplom
Lehrende ●
Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2023

Laundromats were established in economically challenging times, but their presence enabled community exchange. They reintroduced the platform of sharing. With all their inconveniences laundromats offered people a place to take a break from the hectic, boisterous world. Sharing the scene means sharing stories but also sharing conflicts.Similarly to architecture, clothing is a threshold between us and our surroundings, it is a tool, a form of expression. By promoting multiplicity within a textilomat, the users are given the chance to participate in the discourse to an individual degree. A textilomat is a workshop, academy, service-point, learning space, recreational facility, laboratory and clubhouse under one roof.