Emma S. Theis
Jan F. Klinkhammer
Maximilian R. Rachbauer
Typologie ● Mixed-use
Lehrveranstaltung ● Hardware/Software
Lehrende ●
Artem Kitaev
Jahr ● 2022

Oberlaa has changed. The single-story structures of the typical Streckhöfe are nowadays largely unused and open to demolition, although the existing courtyards offer a large number of spaces with different qualities for daily life. Additional densification and intensification of the existing spaces creates a spatial matrix in which different environments are interwoven. In this way, the spatial offer of the existing stock is extended and expanded for new more communal forms of living. Thus, a resident can have their own small private area as well as shared large living areas, private and public gardens, all the way to a publicly used garden hall. In the multitude of interwoven spaces, a diverse range of living environments is created that ties in with Oberlaa and is thus open to encounters with the surrounding area.