Thu Nga Nadine Do
Typologie ● Mixed-use
Lehrveranstaltung ● Diplom
Lehrende ●
Katharina Urbanek, Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2024

The housing shortage in Ho Chi Minh City can be addressed by activating unconventional urban leftover areas to provide quality housing for low-income populations. With a length of 750 meters, the Phu My Bridge is one of the largest bridges in Ho Chi Minh City. The space under the bridge has no specific function. This untapped gem will serve as resource for the proposed social housing project, which is adaptable to every bridge situation on an international agenda.
The suggested low-rise, high-density approach, inspired by the traditional tube house, focuses on adaptive housing forms that can adjust to the needs of residents over their lifetimes. The collective idea, which is deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture, has a pivotal role. The design represents a social housing solution that combines the strengths of local architecture with innovative approaches.