Frederic Bötsch
Simon Kussauer
Typologie ● Mixed-use
Lehrveranstaltung ● Hardware/Software
Lehrende ●
Artem Kitaev
Jahr ● 2022

The property is located in Aschbach near Amstetten in Lower Austria and lies directly on the Vienna – Linz railroad line. Originally, it was a granary and feed mixing plant of a large poultry fattening company. Since its insolvency in the 1990s, the towers have been empty and are to be demolished. The plant essentially consists of a small tower and a subsequently built larger tower with twelve square silo chambers (4x4m) and a height of 40m. A two-story connecting building and various appurtenances will be demolished to expose the towers. The small tower is the service tower with access and ancillary rooms, while the large tower offers maximum flexibility. It is divided into 3 zones: An open ground floor zone for weekly markets & workshops; a freely playable main zone with flexible offices, artist quarters & gym, which can be divided into up to five levels and finally the large event hall on the top floor. Openings are generated to make the silo chambers accessible. Likewise, the openings are created in the facade. (HARDWARE]

The de-/mountable floors consist of DOKA formwork panels which are laid on a metal substructure. The sun protection is provided by awnings and roller blinds on the outer facade. (SOFTWARE]

A cargo crane under the roof allows transport for the construction as well as heavy objects inside the tower.