Erik Lidén
Katerina Kacetlova
Philipp Stauss
Typologie ● Production
Lehrveranstaltung ● Hardware/Software
Lehrende ●
Artem Kitaev, Leonid Slonimskiy
Jahr ● 2020

Public billboard and functional wall.

Gösserhalle should become a public center of a new area under development. Together with already existing multipurpose event function, new building should host public services of different scale, small education and production facilities.

The concept proposes maximum flexibility of multipurpose event space in historical Gösserhalle and light vertical extension to accommodate the required public function. Transparent new part works as a billboard of public activities, while articulated diagonal public stair invites all the citizens to take a part in public life of the building. At the intersection of old and new part designed so-called “functional wall” – very narrow structure, to host all the supportive functions.