Agnes Schulz-Bongert
Alexander Thoma
Typologie ● Mixed-use
Lehrveranstaltung ● Tøyen Concrete – Ex Munch Museum Oslo
Lehrende ●
Eva Mair, Katherina Putzer
Jahr ● 2022

The project “Green House Tøyen” wants to create a lively space for the neighbourhood of Tøyen focused on the production, experimentation, preparation and consumption of food. The communally maintained house offers an open kitchen, a food bank, workshops, markets, garden projects and different events bound to the topic.

After disassembling two of three building extensions from the 1990s, the original cubature from the 1963 is regained and access and visual relationships from all directions are possible. Three greenhouses are added to the former Munch Museum. While two of them crown the existing building from the 1960s, one encases the radically uncovered concrete structure of the southern annex.