Busra Koroglu
Typologie ● Museum
Lehrveranstaltung ● Diplom
Lehrende ●
Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2017

The site Golden Horn Arsenal in Istanbul has embraced for many decades one of the leading examples in naval shipbuilding industrial complex, called “Tersane-i Amire”. In the present days the region consists of three seperate shipyards; Halic, Camialti and Taskizak. Halic Shipyard is the only one still in use, whereas the other two shipyards are abondened. Taking identity loss into consideration, this diploma thesis dedicates itself to an analysis of the industrial heritage of Imperial Shipyards with the purpose to redefine their importance to this day as a  revived cultural center for its locals.

Up to the end of the 20th century the shipyards Taskizak and Camialti maintained their function despite the uncontrolled changes and interventions. However in 1993 they were handed over to a private sector. Consequently they were closed to the public and can only be observed from passerby ships. The aim is to transform this historical Camialti shipyard on the seafront to a public space by revitalizing it with new features, to cement and preserve its essence. This place possesses immense value for the Turkish industrial history and should be commemorated. It can offer opportunities for the future generations, hence should  be active with new cultural and production use before it loses its genius loci and becomes a no man’s land.  Thus, it is essential to preserve the existing structure as much as possible, in order to maintain the general atmosphere and prevent the ambiance from disappearing.

The concrete idea is to devise for the hangar within this site a multi-functional cultural space for  any kind of exhibitions or events. Further, the existing warehouses on the site are to be preserved and converted  into working-living spaces for the creative  community. This project aims to conduce an exemplary field study with a proposal for sites with such valuable assets.