Ella Senzenberger
Julia Ebner
Typologie ● Tourism
Lehrveranstaltung ● Culture in Residency Sekirn Wörthersee
Lehrende ●
Jakob Travnik, Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2021

The project allows the visitor to have a unique solitary experience where they can devote themselves to listening to the specific natural environment found on the west forest hill of the property of Wiener Sängerknaben in Sekirn, Wörthersee.

The project location consists of two micro sites which are determined by the found natural phenomena of the west forest hill. The first, more western micro site is determined by a symbiosis of a beech and pine tree, next to a stump of multiple beech trees. The second micro site which is closer to the existing buildings, consists of a pine tree that has been torn out by the wind. Today only the stump of this tree remains on the location. The other specificity of this micro site are the nine pine trees growing very close to each other in this dominantly deciduous forest. The project is built around these four phenomena and suggests that the visitor focuses on and listens to them.

The two micro sites contain two wooden interventions each – all of them with proportions defined by their immediate surroundings and the sizes of the spruce building elements. The interventions are elevated on stands and steel beams in order to keep the footprint minimal. These wooden interventions differ in size and orientation: unusually narrow, extremely close to the ground, very horizontal and vertical. Depending on how the intervention is entered, the spruce cladding is either on the inside or outside, revealing the construction on the other side. The construction is a combination of wooden stands and beams supported by diagonal bracing. The architecture is decisively held simple in contrast to the complexity of the surrounding nature. It reduces the visual impact on the visitor in order to focus on the auditive experience.

In a world of information overload it is important to reduce impact from time to time. Enjoy the silence in the forest hills.

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