Jeremias Pointner
Paul Sebesta
Typologie ● Tourism
Lehrveranstaltung ● Culture in Residency Sekirn Wörthersee
Lehrende ●
Jakob Travnik, Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2021

The project breaks the chain of top down decision making of investors, which became common practice around Wörthersee, by deciding collectively about the spacial organization of the lake front on the campus of the Wiener Sängerknaben in Sekirn.

Being one of the last open patches on the shoreline of the lake, the site provides an unique opportunity to challenge the development of privatized luxury residences and also to address mass tourism for its destructive impact on the region. By planning and arranging different spaces for different forms of discussion the culture of communication, which got extinguished around Wörthersee, can manifest itself again.

The fixed part of the intervention is formed by the extension of the western pier onto the land and therefore connecting it with the entrance through the underpass while keeping the emptiness of the space. It forms a strong axis that reinforces the linear movement of the existing pier in the direction to the water. Three rearrangeable spaces, each specific to it ́s micro location can be built with a set of pillars and beams to form the arena, the chambers and the float. A garden with a mix of endangered species and pioneer plants closes the natural ring that is found on the site and defines the border to the neighbours.

The Forum is a public space that has to be used collectively to negotiate the governance of the lake itself and it ́s surroundings. It questions the current situation by reversing it ́s process and putting the community over the individual.

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