Atanas Kovachev
Mihail Sugarev
Typologie ● Tourism
Lehrveranstaltung ● Culture in Residency Sekirn Wörthersee
Lehrende ●
Jakob Travnik, Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2021

The project is an architectural proposal for a designated space for outdoor choir singing formed by natural building material – 24 spruce trees.

The specific culture found in the area is choir singing, as the Vienna choir boys are using the dormitory building on the site for rehearsal during their summer camps and the Hubertus church is being used by another local choir. The hill between the 2 cultural institutions, which is the natural habitat of oak, beech, spruce tree has a specific terraced topography. The chosen terrace for the project has specific acoustic qualities which are beneficial for outdoor singing. A group of six young spruce trees on the natural terrace are the specific flora in the broad-leaf forest on the hill. The proposed cultural intervention is a space formed from trees, designed for experimental choir rehearsals and performance.

In order to enhance the acoustic qualities of the surroundings a dome was chosen as the formal concept of the project. The dome is formed by 24 spruce trees that are bent to the centre of the circle in which they had been planted. The trees are brought and planted at the age of 8. They are then connected with steel cables to a stone in the centre, which functions as the symbolic and physical foundation of the intervention. The trees reach the final form of the dome form in 60 years. After that the steel cables are taken down and the trees continue their growth vertically.

The project is a hybrid between a cultural and ecological intervention that aims to preserve nature from cutting being cut down through the sacredness that choir singing brings as well as give an alternative to the users of singing in the nature during pandemics.

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