Anna Bernbacher
Baran Demir
Typologie ● Tourism
Lehrveranstaltung ● Culture in Residency Sekirn Wörthersee
Lehrende ●
Jakob Travnik, Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2021

The project challenges the major problem of the lake-shore plots being privatized around Wörthersee by providing a modular structure that is always public and composed by the public.

The site is a 900m² lake-side plot that consists of the last unbuilt meadow in the shores of Sekirn. It’s used only in July and August by the Viennese Choir Boys and stays unused for the rest of the year. In the context of extreme demand for plots on the lake, the public accessibility to the lake is immensely diminished which led to protests and activist events. As a reaction to that, the project stands as a modular structure with a modular programme to provide space for further discussion of the notion of privatized lake plots and also works as the access point to the site.

The structure is a wooden frame structure with fixed spaces until the road level and a modular system above. To leave the plot as free as possible, it is positioned on the south_eastern edge of the site in a close relationship to the existing trees and connected to the street with a bridge to a roadside area where bikers often use for a break. It only touches the ground via column-feet for minimal impact and is made out of beetle-wood. With the overall dimensions of 4 x 40 x 14 meters, it appears as an inhabitable, linear wall which is nearly invisible due to its construction and interaction with trees.

With the potential of bringing a new perspective of approaching architecture not only for the financial value, but also the public value; the project‘s ambition is to create spaces that will host discussions to solve the conflict of public versus private developments in the context of Sekirn and Wörthersee region.

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