Alejandro Gálvez Alvarez
Petra Ianu
Typologie ● Tourism
Lehrveranstaltung ● Culture in Residency Sekirn Wörthersee
Lehrende ●
Jakob Travnik, Tina Gregoric
Jahr ● 2021

The project is a multi-disciplinary research space, one on the top of each hill, which can be adapted to be used as an exhibition space or for overnight stays. One intervention is focused on the wood wide web, or the underground fungal connections between trees even of different species. The other one is more focused on the reactions of the wood according to the weather on each of the cardinal points.

After analysing the context and territory of the hills, the importance of forest became very clear for the whole site, not only under the ground but also above it. The two hills have a very different topography and each one has a different mix of species of trees which react and grow differently. One of the most present species is Beech followed by Spruce and Fir. The concept was developed after understanding the characteristics and qualities of each kind of wood on site. The intervention proposes a space not only for researchers around the area of Wörthersee and from Klagenfurt, but also the possibility of an overnight stay for locals, tourist and passerby people which are looking for an intimate connection with nature.

The whole project is developed after the same principles with beech wood for one and spruce wood for the other, following reduced steps to process the raw material and build everything out of the same source. The goal is to use the whole tree trunk not only for the construction, but also for the facade. Both interventions form a circular shape around the focus point of each one. In order to reduce also the environmental footprint, both units would be elevated from the ground, to avoid harming the natural topography and the living space for small animals and different species.

The inevitability of total privatisation in Wörthersee must be questioned and the lake must be rediscovered as a place to resettle, to stay alive. A place for getting inspiration and health by the landspace and nature. The strategy should encourage creative work and interdisciplinary exchange. Entushiastic human presence must reanimate it with new imagination.

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