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One of the greatest challenges for governments and designers, especially given the current financial constraints in the public sector, is to ensure that today's learning environments are able to respond to the educational and other needs of future generations. This conference will present radical visions for tomorrow’s schools and discuss the key factors that make them work. By exploring the design implications of future scenarios, governments may be better equipped to respond to the needs of tomorrow's learners. The conference will explore trends and scenarios that shape the future of schooling; and propose innovative design solutions and financing and procurement strategies which can address current and future challenges.

Through a series of innovative and challenging presentations and panel discussions involving visionary theorists policymakers, educators, architects and planners, two scenarios will be explored:"Schools without walls" and "A world without Schools".

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Who should attend?
Participation is open to members of both OECD and non-OECD countries who have a professional interest in the themes of the conference, such as:
* Architects, designers and planners.
* Central and local government policy makers.
* Educators, including school principals, head teachers and students.
* Researchers and academics.

Registration and conference fees
The cost of the conference is:
* For CELE member countries and CELE associate participants: EUR 280.-
* For non-CELE members: EUR 340.-
Registration has been extended to 9 SEPTEMBER 2010.
The conference is organised by the OECD (CELE, Center for Effective Learning Environments and CERI, Center for Educational Research and Innovation), the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Cultur, and Vienna University of Technology.

It will be accompanied by a poster exhibition of innovative projects in architecture and urbanism related to education.

The conference language is English.


You can find the TU Vienna here via
Google Maps. For Information on arrival an transportation please refere to the Venue page.

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